Welcome to my world.

So, since Facebook is clearly going downhill, i decided to jump on the tumblr train. Follow me for new music, videos, and rants...or if you just like me.

i make tracks like a rabbit makes babies.


Thank you RVCC, for canceling all my classes so I could sit in the music lab all day.

i like how whenever i come on this shit, i just bitch and moan.

Fuck people. you would think that if you knew a person for 6 years, and they were your first friend you made in highschool, theyd stay your friend, unless you really fucked something up. everyone ive ever met in my life has been a flake. im a flake. we’re all flakes! let it snow, motherfuckers. but seriously, people boggle my mind. on the regular. people who are easily controlled by other people. people who dont have a mind of their own, and they need to be dependant on other people to think for them. or people who complain about things when they have the power to changeĀ  them. i miss my step-dad every single day of my life. but when people ask me how i am, do i say, “oh good, i just miss my dead stepdad” ? no. because theres nothing i can do about that. and my moms got a new boyfriend. do i disapprove because hes not my stepdad? no. hes fine. its when people complain about things that can be changed, thats what drives me insane. fucking do something about it, stand up for yourself. have an original fucking bone in your body, and maybe that’ll help your problems. idk, im mad as hell, for no reason really. all i wanna do is play music, get drunk, and fuck.

I’m bored, with an acoustic guitar.